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Welcome Day Winter 2019/2020
pdf Welcome Day Winter 2019/2020

dr Barbara Batóg
Lectures on 14-16.10.2019 are cancelled.
New dates:
EITA (190), Mathematical Analysis, 7.11.2019, 10.15, room 08
PM (590), Economic forecasting, 14.11.2019, 10.15, room 206

prof. Jacek Batóg
Lectures on 16.10.2019 and 23.10.2019 are cancelled
Additional meetings instead of 16th October and 23rd October:
1. Lecture, Econometrics, 24.10.2019 (Thursday), 12.15-13.45, room 203 MBA.
2. Exercise, Econometrics, 7.11.2019 (Thursday), 8.30-10.00, room 0204.
3. Laboratory Econometrics, 21.11.2019 (Thursday), 8.30-10.00, room 105.

prof. Jarosław Korpysa
Dear Students
I would like to inform Erasmus student who belong to discipline management, that LA will be available to give back on 4’th November at 11:30 a.m (410 room).
Jarosław Korpysa


Erasmus+ Guidebook
pdf Student Guidebook

About Szczecin
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ERASMUS+ Programme Participation Report – survey results
pdfWinter Semester 2016/2017


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